About Us

Organizational Background

Historically women are being oppressed by patriarchal society. The scenario is almost the same all over the world .As Bangladesh being a developing country in this discrimination raises noticeably. To ensure equal participation of women in developing  process. Ensure Legal Support through Local Movement & Action – ELLMA has emerged on 2000 to work for dignified life of women. Which will lead the state to create and equal society?


ELLMA dreams such well define society which ensures all kinds of Human rights that is based on equity & equality between man and women.


To ensure  the participations of all people on developing activities through awareness & unity on the basis of equal rights to establish the society.

Ensure Legal Support through Local Movement & Action –ELLMA is a non – government organization committed to participate in national development through upgrading & protecting the grassroots level women. ELLMA wants to make a well defined society to bring the equity & equality between man & women. It emphasizes on the importance of voluntary attitude of the deprived women to legal support. ELLMA will cooperate with the GO & NGO empowerment & self confidence of the grassroots women. Besides encourage the alleviation of poverty & everlasting development. It covers the wide range of area like adolescent, women and children issues, environmental problems, child rights, gender equity & equality, poverty alleviation and such other issues.  

Legal Status:

ELLMA is a voluntary, nonprofit, social development organization registered with the different departments of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh including NGO Affairs Bureau, Department of Youth Development, Department of women Affairs and Register of Joint Stock Co