All Project

List of the project is given below:

o   NEST-for the Children at risk. In Collaboration with Manusher Jonno Foundation. (MJF)

o   Gender Responsive & Women Human Rights & Economic Empowerment-GRWHREE. USHA.

o   Strengthening Movement to Advance Women’s Rights & Gender Equality. CSDF / STEPS.

o   Protecting Human Rights (PHR). In collaboration with Plan International Bangladesh, USAID.

o   Adolescent Leadership Opportunity (ALO). In collaboration with Human Development Foundation (HDF).

o   Establish Slum Women’s Obtainment of Justice Adopting Grassroots Initiative-ASO JAGI. In Collaboration with Maxwell Stump PLC, UK.

o   Establish Child Rights & Hazardous Free Working Environment through Education & Vocation Training-CHWEVT. In collaboration with Manusher Jonno Foundation-MJF.

o   Ensure Effective, Quality & Sustainable Services of existing Safe Home. In Collaboration with MJF.

o   Chittagong District Committee for Prevention Women’s Violence (Secretariat). Own Fund.

o   Pre Primary School. In collaboration with Karnafuli Jasis Club & Own Fund. 

o   Gender Activities. Own Fund.

o   Skill Development Training. Own Fund.

o   Consciousness Activities. Own Fund.

o   Youth Activities. Own Fund.

o   Poverty Reduction Activities. In Collaboration with So optimist International Club, Ctg & Own Fund.

o   Rehabilitation Activities. Own Fund.

o   Promoting Social Harmony in Bangladesh: “Stop Violence, Build a Peaceful Nation” Campaign. In Collaboration with Democracy International and US Embassy.  

o   Fostering Leadership and Governance Institution Support for Religious Freedom and Social Harmony in Bangladesh– A Coalition Approach. In Collaboration with Canadian fund for Local Initiative-CFLI and Stop Violence Coalition.

o   TORUN ALO ( Light of Youth ) - Combat  Violent Extremism through Alternative  Constructive Engagement of Youth -  In collaboration with Manusher Jonno Foundation-MJF.